You Need an Efficient Process to meet the NZ Client


To buy a house in a subdivision in Australia, for the most part you can only select from a specific list of options offered, and in some cases developers have already determined which option goes on a particular site.





So, in simple terms is a major factor in New Zealand’s construction productivity problem in the residential market that we are ‘too nice’ to our clients?

A lot of builders fail to run efficient projects based on an accurate costing system or fail to effectively project manage their operations.  Couple that with the requirement to make changes at various stages to suit the client, with little or no documented system to manage such issues, and the only result can be poor productivity.

How the industry addresses this depends on several factors but a major influence, not readily identifiable in the rhetoric to date, will be the inevitable driver: supply and demand.



Changes in individual builder’s processes and systems will have to be significant and effective to accommodate New Zealanders’ desire for tailor-made solutions.