Checklist pricing alteration work



Priced a major alteration job and want to make sure you have covered everything? 


Use the following check list:

?    all the identified risks covered
?    clearly tagged tender with all things that are NOT INCLUDED noted
?    documentation sufficiently detailed for pricing
?    adequate knowledge of existing structure and services
?    confidence in proposed subcontractors for the project
?    transparent  communications  about tender  with client and designer
?    equitable procedures for dealing with variations
?    competence of organisation to match complexity of building
?    provision for more comprehensive operating systems
?    hazards and safety issues identified and covered
?    confidence in pricing methodology and detail
?    labour and resources allocation trackable
?    realistic provisions for maintaining use of building by inhabitants
?    final price checked by a rough overall costing system

If any of these points leave you with that niggley gut feeling of uncertainty - review and amend your proposal before you submit the contract.



Alteration work checklist - Site operations


Now you are working on site you need to ensure that your alteration project is running smoothly.


Regularly use the following checklist:

?    work-flow co-ordination operating efficiently
?    designer/client communications operating well and documented
?    sub-contractors on-site activities satisfactory
?     labour and resource allocation matching targets
?    variations being handled efficiently
?    adequate cash-flow being maintained
?    special risk/safety/hazardous issues resolved
?    operating systems functioning efficiently
?    inhabitants and clients happy
?    BCA inspections satisfactory