Check Your Emails?

Of any group of people anywhere, ever, builders would be the worst at answering emails. And the trouble with that is that over the past few years, emails have become the main way people in business communicate.

And you’re in business.


Our experience here at BoB has been that builders are not, as a rule, great at checking emails. Every couple of days is okay, weekly is not. And then there’s the importance of actually answering the damn things.

We have a send emails to builders all the time – to confirm things, to send invoices, email newsletters updating our database of what’s going on in the industry and with us and… we also have builders listed on our website for homeowners looking for builders to do work for them. Certified Builders and Registered Master Builders also have new email notifications from their websites for homeowners to contact builders.

These email systems are designed to make it easy for homeowners LOOKING TO GIVE YOU WORK.


Just recently we did some tests and the results were disappointing to say the least.


Test 1 – Updates to listings on our website


We sent an email just to those builders listed on our website saying that we can now put photos of work done up on the site and it’s a free service. Out of over 1000 builders we had 11ies. 35% of our builders didn’t even read the email.


Test 2 – Request for Quote


Three months ago we sent out an email to a dozen local builders listed on our website. Our site means we can select many builders at once, we fill out a form detailing contact details and the work to be done and then sent off a request for someone to contact us regarding some small renovation work, with a much larger job to be done down the track. This was, by the way, a genuine request. We received one (1) response. A month after the request was sent out. That’s pathetic.


Test 3 – Registered Master Builders website – Request for Quote


In this case, we sent an email to builders in Kapiti registered on the new RMB site. For this we received two responses. One 48 hours later, one a week later. Neither followed with a call.


And check your Junk Email folder. Your email is run by computer – and we know how reliable those are