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April 2, 2104

Radio NZ reports on the ongoing Leaky Homes crisis - it's not getting better...


Posted March 28, 2014

Roofing Contractor emails abuse to cyclist, rapidly becomes the most hated tradesperson in the country

In a cautionary tale of how not to win friends and influence people, Mike Bell, of MB Roofing contractors in Christchurch emailed an abusive reply to a cyclist who complained to his company about him cutting her off while she was riding her bike along the street - 3news covers it here...

So, firstly, if you have your company name written all over your ute/van/truck with contact details, be aware that if you do something stupid on the road, people will know who did it. Some may even complain.

Secondly, if they do complain, DO NOT tell them to f*** off. Especially in an email. Hello - ever heard of videos going viral? So do emails. As this one did.

Now the whole country knows that you should never deal with MB Roofing. At least, until they forget.

Mike has taken down his website - a wise move, probably, since he was likelly being inundated with abusive emails himself. Consider yourself warned.

Posted March 4, 2014


Rawlinsons NZ Construction Handbook Ceases Publication

The industry ‘bible’, the Rawlinsons NZ Construction Handbook, has ceased publication.

Current editor, Cathy Giddens, is retiring and the QS company, Rawlinsons, behind the book has decided not to replace her and is, instead, shutting down the publishing side of the operation.

We contacted Rawlinson’s about the decision but after giving a number of reasons for ceasing publishing the Handbook, GM Justin Guy, requested that the conversation be off the record, fearing that there may be some negative perception towards the Rawlinson’s brand.

The latest version – the 2013/4 edition – is still available while stocks last from Tech Books in Auckland or online –


January 2014 Consents Continue Rising Trend


The good news is that the trend for a growing volume of work is continuing, although put into context, consents issued are still 24% below the peak of those issued in September 2003 (eleven years ago!).

Of particular interest is that consents have risen in 13 of 16 regions - including Northland, BoP, Waikato, Wellington, Otago, Southland, Gisborne - not just the powerhouses of Auckland and Christchurch - indicating the growth is spreading out around the country.