Good staff relationships is based on a clearly written employment agreement to ensure everyone has a clear understanding about the role, working conditions and employment rights, and, avoid the risk of misunderstandings.


It is a legal requirement tha all employees must have a written individual agreement or a union's collective employment agreement, having been given the opportunity to join or not join a union. All employers are required to retain a signed copy of the employment agreement or the current signed terms and conditions of employment.


Extensive details are spelt out about employment relations on the MBIE website, the source of details for this article.



In order for an individual employment agreement to meet the minimum requirements by law, it must contain at least the clauses listed below, or a derivation thereof.

•    Employer & Employees names
•    Position
•    Duties
•    Place of Work
•    Working Hours
•    Types of Pay
•    Public Holidays
•    Rights in contracting out situations
•    Restructuring due to transfer
•    Negotiations with new employer
•    No transfer or employment
•    Resolving Employment Relationship Problems


In fact there are 16 recommended sections, with subsections and clauses that should be included in an employment agreement.



To guide you through all these requirements and assist you developing your own Staff Agreement conditions go to the MBIE website here

This website also has a facility to allow businesses to produce their own employment agreements in order to make such agreement, or for a future employee to review the type of content expected in an agreement. So if you're growing your business, reviewing your employment agreement documentation, about to take on your first employee, or if you've just been offered a position and want to know if the agreement is right for you, this guide to individual employment agreements can help you understand what you need to know. Go to the webiste here

This Employment Agreement Builder can help you put together a draft employment agreement for your employee. This tool contains clauses that you must include in an agreement (shown in green), as well as clauses that are voluntary (shown in purple).

It could take a minimum of 20 minutes to build an agreement, or longer depending on how many clauses you choose to select. Complete all of the required steps, and print out or save the agreement to your computer.





Note: If you have staff and they don't have a proper employment contract you are breaking the law and if you are a staff member and don't have a contract then your employer is acting illegally.