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Disputes Resolution

Tips for Builders: Disputes are a disappointing part of a builders life. Taking care of them is now more important than ever with risks to a builder's license if left unresolved. Find out more here...
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Business Skills need updating?

Are you starting to realise that maybe your business skills need a bit of work?...We can help - we're putting together a bunch of articles and links to useful sites to start making your business life run more smoothly...check it out here...
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Technical Library

Free links to technical specifications for key suppliers. Check back here because we'll be adding to these as we go...
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Latest Industry News

The latest Residential Construction Industry News - right here. We're going to be keeping you in touch with what's happening - in your neighbourhood, in your region, in the country and around the world. Latest events, latest stats, new products and whatever you thing is relevant. check it out here...
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Contracts - You Need Them

Like them or not, you need contracts. Whether it's staff, suppliers or customers (and it's now the LAW to have contracts with customers). We have advice around contracts here and soon links or examples of good contracts. Read up so you don't get caught with your pants down...
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Building Act 2013

The new Building Amendment Act 2013 has some serious implications for builders. Do you know what they are? Mandatory contracts with your clients, hugely increased fines for non-consented building work, disclosure of your business record - you need to know what's going on because it has a major impact on your work practices. More here...
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Building Guide

Does your client know what you do? Send them here so they can start to understand the complexities of a building project and all the things they need to do to make your job better...
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Design Guide Website

Are you or your client looking for inspiration? Check out our Design Guide website - it's full of great articles written by the architects and designers themselves, and the photography is stunning. Click on the link below...
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